LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — As California plods through its fifth consecutive year of drought, many allergy sufferers in the Southland are feeling the effects.

Doctors say the dry conditions are stoking a particularly bad allergy season for Southern California, as dust and debris is easily kicked up from the brush. Mold — often associated with wet conditions — can also be dispersed easily in dry conditions. A series of large brush fires has further contributed to poor air quality this summer.

Many allergy sufferers are finding themselves more or less permanently attached to their nasal spray.

“I had to use them all day, every day,” said allergy sufferer Samuel Ruiz. His symptoms have included sneezing and watery eyes, pressure in his sinuses.

He went through a three-hour procedure that he has granted him some relief, and Ruiz said he’s now weaned off of his nasal spray.

Ruiz’s physician, Dr. Farhad Sigari of the Del Rey Sinus And Allergy Institute, said allergy sufferers in search of over-the-counter treatment should use nasal steroids such as Flonase, Nasacort and Rhinocort.

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