JURUPA VALLEY (CBSLA.com) — Parents and students in Jurupa Valley could be dealing with a rare disease from the Middle Ages.

Scared parents were demanding more information Tuesday after letters were sent went home to parents saying two students at Indian Hills Elementary in Jurupa Valley “might” be sick with leprosy. School officials say the letter was sent Friday out of what they called, an abundance of caution.

Some parents refused to send their children to school Tuesday after receiving  the warning from the Jurupa Unified School District.

It was unclear whether the students are related to each other.

Barbara Cole, the director of disease control for Riverside County, said a school nurse notified the health department of the rare disease on Friday, but it could take weeks to get tests results back to confirm whether the children indeed have leprosy.

“We have not identified any risk at the school and it’s very difficult to transmit to others,” said Cole.

Leprosy is associated with disfiguring skin sores and peeling skin.

The disease is spread through mucus after having close and repeated contact with an infected person. It is easily treatable with antibiotics, even though most of the population is immune to it.

Jurupa Valley Unified Superintendent Elliott Duchon says classrooms have been decontaminated and the students in question are not in school.

“For parents, they need to make a decision for their children but we’re not recommending any precautions,” said Duchon. “There is not a risk at this time.”

Cole said officials have decontaminated the classrooms, and the students in question are not in school.

County health officials have scheduled a meeting after school Wednesday and will also be interviewing the parents to see if they have traveled to less-developed countries, where leprosy is more prevalent.

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  1. Mark Matis says:

    Si se puede!

    You know very well where this came from. Open borders are great, man! And no, it probably isn’t from the Mexicans or Central Americans, but instead from the Africans and Arabs who are also streaming across the “border” with the full consent of the Mexican government. And the US government as well.

    1. Gerri says:

      I think it came from the beasts that lived in the Caucasus Mountains

    2. Gerri says:

      I think it came from the beasts that lived in the Caucasus Mountains LOL

  2. TroyGale says:

    Yes Mark, just more pain brought to our Nation by Obama, Hillary, and our do nothing Congress. When did we American Citizens become expendable?

  3. First Last says:

    Funny how when these kinds of things spring up the media goes to great lengths to conceal the information we all want and need to know.

  4. that’s a load, they are asking if students travelled TO 3rd world hellholes, not how many dtudents are obama dreamers FROM those places put into their school by the preezys illegals voter drive.

  5. Nations get in an uproar when invasive species like the lion fish, pythons, and lobsters invade ecosystems that aren’t indigenous, unwanted and do serious damage. We eradicate them and or cause international stinks… why can’t we do the same for illegal aliens that do more damage; sickening our children?

  6. Lord Ligonier says:

    Don’t be xenophobic.

    These third-world diseases are just searching for a better life

  7. Bruce Gregory says:

    LOL! Why the concern over travel to “less-developed countries”? We’re allowing unchecked people from the so-called “less-developed countries” easy entry into this country. We don’t have to travel to those countries. We are becoming one!

  8. Shaun McDonald says:

    Well, looks like all hands on deck.

  9. Lao Po says:

    If Jurupa looks like a third world country it has nothing to do with immigrants from foreign lands. It’s because the majority white residents are a bunch of low education knuckle draggers who are too lazy or stupid (inbred) to complete a higher education and compete with the harder working and more educated people in the wealthier and more productive places like San Jose, Los Angeles or San Diego. San Jose gets high tech employment while Jurupa’s low education population can only handle work in things like warehousing and trucking. People like TroyGale only wish they had enough going on upstairs to complete a JD and teach at a university level as our President did.

    1. TroyGale says:

      What are you talking about Lao Po? So people who actually work for a living are stupid? Is that your point? I suppose you believe you are superior to people who run warehouses, and drive trucks? And what has that to do with my comment about Obama, Hillary, and Congress allowing illegal immigration?
      Upstairs I have an IQ of 136, I earned well over 100k per year for years. I’m nicely set for the rest of my life, oh and I’ve retired!

      You, are just what America doesn’t need, another person who thinks that a degree confers some mystical property which makes you better than others. It doesn’t, and Lao, I’d much rather have a beer with those Warehouse folks, or the Truck drivers, or anyone else who you feel is beneath you. I’m certain of one thing, that your high opinion of yourself is totally unjustified. LOL, and by the way, I’ve held FCC licenses, I’ve worked on everything from vacuum tube devices, to super computers, and even Nuclear Power Plants. I’ve taught those things to others as well in several of the large Tech firms I’ve worked for. In short Lao Po, I’ve forgotten more about tech, than you will ever know.

    2. jameswlee2014 says:

      You are certainly the resident expert on poorly educated knuckle draggers. That’s who raised you.

  10. jimkress35 says:

    The corrupt will suffer corruption visited upon them and their progeny.

  11. jameswlee2014 says:

    The administration and the pathetic excuses for Republican House and Senate members are bringing unimaginable harm to our country and are content to sign the death warrants for American citizens to play their PC games with our lives as human beings and the life of our country.


    1. TroyGale says:

      Exactly jameswlee2014. But please share the blame, every darn elected Rep sitting in D.C. bears heavy responsibility for this invasion. I have written my reps, the speaker, asking for their explanation as to why American Citizens lives and dreams aren’t their focus. Crickets.
      Can Trump make a difference? I hope so, or say goodbye to our Nation; it might already be too late. And our friend Hillary wants to bring in millions more Muslims, some of whom will kill more Americans. Put simply, the Government isn’t our friend.