SIMI VALLEY ( — Bronze coyote statues are a welcome sight at Coyote Hills Park in Simi Valley, but the real animals are anything but welcome down the street at Kathy Cook’s house.

“I don’t want to hurt them. I’m not here to harm, I just don’t want them here in my yard,” Cook said.

It was a year ago that a coyote grabbed one of Cook’s dogs out of her yard.

“I found her collar, no blood, no nothing.”

The tragic discovery made her go the extra mile to make sure coyotes don’t come back. She eventually installed an electric fence with five strands of barbed wire.

After someone complained about Cook’s fence, officials gave her 60 days to turn off the electricity and take down the barbed wire. A city official said the fence was against the development code. Cook hopes the city will offer new options.

Many in this neighborhood agree the coyotes have gotten more aggressive with the drought.

Residents are invited to Simi Valley City Hall for a meeting with Fish & Wildlife next month to get more information on protecting their animals and families from coyotes.

Comments (3)
  1. Vic Korner says:

    Welcome to the struggle ! San Pedro knows what you’re going through

  2. reghandford says:

    Use a bear trap. Bludgeon the coyote with a base ball bat. Hang the body up so the other coyotes get the message. They’re smart, they’ll go elsewhere.

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