ONTARIO (CBSLA.com) — QVC held a grand opening in Ontario on Monday for the company’s first West Coast distribution warehouse.

The world’s leading video and e-commerce retailer announced its facility,  at 853 N. QVC Way, will bring in 500 jobs by 2018 and 500 more by 2020 to the Inland Empire.

The company needs to fill a wide range of positions from entry-level associate IT systems engineer and security coordinator to outbound distribution operations shift manager and customer service supervisor. Click here to apply for jobs.

“Today is a big day for QVC as a company but also for QVC Ontario, We’re opening our distribution center for the first time today and have hired already 170 team members to make it all happen,” said Ontario Distribution General Manager Zach Hetrick.

The distribution center will also lower the company’s use of trucking by more than 10 million miles annually, leading to a reduction of more than 35 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions per year, according to the company.

Hetrick said the 1 million-square-foot facility helps cut down on delivery time. “It really eliminated several days out of our transit times to deliver our customer packages much faster than we have ever before,” Hetrick added.

The Ontario warehouse will accommodate about 20 percent of QVC’s total business in America.

The state-of-the-art center uses high-efficiency systems for lighting, heating and cooling and features a 250-kW solar array on its rooftop.

The facility is LEED-certified, which means it met a green building certification program that recognizes best-in-class building strategies and practices.

Since 1986, QVC has shipped more than 1.8 billion packages in the United States. In the past year alone, QVC has shipped 179 million units globally, according to the company.


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