LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The American Academy of Pediatrics is calling for the elimination of all non-medical exemptions to immunizations in a set of new policies published Monday.

The medical group’s new policies calls on both lawmakers and doctors to take action – on the former, to enact policies that will boost immunization rates, and on the latter, to counsel parents as soon as the first well-baby visit on the need for vaccinations.

“It’s clear that states with more lenient exemptions policies have lower immunization rates, and it’s these states where we have seen disease outbreaks occur as the rates slip below the threshold needed to maintain community immunity,” Geoffrey Simon, one of the authors the American Academy of Pediatrics medical exemptions policy, said in a statement. “Non-medical exemptions to immunizations should be eliminated.”

Southern California has been on the front lines in the battle over vaccinations. A law requiring vaccinations for all California students went into effect on July 1 was signed into law by Gov. Jerry Brown about six months after an outbreak of measles at Disneyland, sickening 133 people throughout the state.

LAUSD officials said that all its schools had been instructed to stop families at the door at enrollment for the 2016-17 school year to ask for immunization records.

The new guidelines urged pediatricians to address specific concerns of parents who have been found to refuse at least one recommended vaccine for a variety of reasons, including perceived safety risks and the highly controversial belief that vaccines can cause autism.

But if parents still decline immunization after counseling efforts are exhausted, the AAP says pediatricians can request the family seek care from a different health care provider.

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  1. bmommyx2 says:

    Wow, When did we become Nazi Germany? They have more freedom in the former Soviet Union. This is both shocking & sickening. Maybe it’s time we all boycott doctors that feel this way for alternative care practitioners or maybe it’s time to leave the country. This is beyond over reaching. None of the above accusations are backed up by facts.

    1. Lao Po says:

      bmommy, do not forget that freedom is not absolute. Along with those freedoms comes some responsibilities to the rest of us and to your nation. You have no right to risk the health of other children in your child’s schools or the health of the general public by refusing to vaccinate your children. The rest of us have every right to expect you to vaccinate your offspring to protect our health. In an elected representative democracy such as ours you have an obligation to obey the laws passed by our legislators and the rest of us have a right, even a duty, to expect those who disobey those laws to suffer some consequences.

    2. Sherri217 says:

      Exactly bmommy! This is a total crock! Making these kind of laws when the safety of every single one of these vaccines has NEVER been tested! Never a study of Vaxxed kids vs. Unvaxxed. So until there is ever that safety study, Lao Po, you can stick your vaccines in your own arm and your children! By the way, there is NO such thing as herd immunity. And these vaccines don’t even work. These disease they are vaccinated for were on the decline BEFORE the advent of vaccines. So wake up! You have been brainwashed, you sheeple! Or you’re being paid by Big Pharma. I’m pretty sure it’s the latter. Anyone who tries to force me or my children to receive even one shot will have to shoot me first! P.S. If you would have watched the film Vaxxed you would see that the autism rate is skyrocketing so fast that by 2032, it’s estimated 50% of the kids will be autistic. How well do you think our society can survive like that? WE CAN’T! So you just keep playing your stupid vaccine BS game. You will be part of the end of our state and our country. Use your brain! Stop drinking fluoride water! Wake up! Wake up! Wake up!!!!!

      1. Lao Po says:

        Let’s see. “no such thing as herd immunity”, “sheeple” and “stop drinking fluoride water”. Who is the brainwashed one here? Ever been outside the US Sherri? If you had you would know that the diseases we vaccinate against are far from being in decline. They are only in decline in the developed world because we vaccinate our children. Stop vaccinating and you will end up like so many third world countries where diseases like polio and tuberculosis still kill and disfigure children. The truly stupid game is to fail to study and understand the science behind vaccinations. The spike in the autism rate is caused mostly by improved diagnosis, not an actual increase in the occurrence of the disease and the rate peaked, I’m not in the medical or pharmaceutical industries. Never been anything but a patient, but I ask questions and read, and did plenty of college coursework in the physical sciences. Btw I will be one of the people who end up having to defend cattle like you if it ever comes to that. My life is the US Navy, not big Pharma as you mistakenly allege, but living in close quarters on ships you learn about the need for vaccinations, hygiene and keeping your spaces hospital clean.

  2. The pediatric well baby visit provides a large portion of pediatricians income and can garner $40,000. per year. Like death reactions some people have to Penicillin, so to do many react to vaccines. They are NOT a one size fits all. In addition, the efficacy of vaccines is MUCH LOWER than you would believe. While the vaccine injury and additional toxic loading is SO MUCH HIGHER than you would believe. THIS IS A HUGE CONFLICT OF INTEREST.

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