RICHARDSON, TEXAS ( — A Texas couple believes their dog was poisoned because of their support for Hillary Clinton.

Matt and Beth Steadman said as soon as he put a sign supporting Clinton in his front yard, trouble began.

First, the sign was stolen. Two replacement signs were also stolen.

Then, someone left a note that said “Hillary for Prison 2016.”

After that, someone poured bleach into the gas tank of the Steadmans’ SUV. A mechanic told the couple the engine is ruined.

Last Sunday, the couple’s two-year-old Shepard mix named Abby got sick.

“She started tremoring, and she started shaking,” Matt Steadman told a reporter with KTVT news in Dallas. “I called Beth and said ‘I think something’s wrong with Abby.”

The dog died Monday. A veterinarian told the Steadmans Abby had ingested a deadly neurotoxin.

The couple believes the same person who stole their campaign signs and vandalized their SUV may have poisoned Abby.

“No other reason, I mean this is our front yard and we don’t have any enemies,” Matt Steadman told KTVT.

According to the station, a police spokesperson said there isn’t an official investigation at this time, even though a police detective visited the Steadman home after the dog died.