LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — The Los Angeles City Council joined state lawmakers today in urging Gov. Jerry Brown to declare homelessness a statewide emergency, an action that would fast-track assistance and housing for indigent residents.

The council approved a resolution supporting HR 56 and SR 84, two bills in the state Legislature that urges Brown to apply this tool to homelessness.

City officials say there are more than 115,000 homeless people in California, 28,000 of whom are in Los Angeles, and that homelessness is straining local government agencies’ ability to offer public safety and social services.

The city plans to spend $138 million on homelessness services and housing programs, and put a $1.2 billion bond measure on the November ballot to generate ongoing funding to fight homelessness, city officials said.

“We need real solutions to one of the biggest problems facing the residents of Los Angeles,” said Councilman Marqueece Harris-Dawson, who chairs the council’s Homelessness and Poverty Committee. “Our leaders in Sacramento have taken the huge step of authoring HR 56 and SR 84, and now we need to follow through and declare a state of emergency.”

“Homelessness is an all hands on deck problem that requires solutions at every level of government,” he said.

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  1. Edward Kaufman says:

    I would say the uncontrollable invasion of citizens from Mexico is of greater consequence than the homeless problem. How did such fools get into office anyway?!

  2. but, if you are disabled and can no longer work, live in your garage. trying to make ends meet out of necessity in today’s economy. and someone anonymously reports this to us. We will prosecute you with fines and violations with NO appeals process until you are homeless, then you are OK to try to find someway to live.

  3. Phil B says:

    SOME semblance of sanity in this country…

  4. Dan Fierro says:

    Before chronically homeless people can re-enter society in a meaningful, and productive capacity they need the security of physical & mental health care, and reliable shelter! A massively dynamic Hospital & Shelter for the Homeless provides these necessities that the chronically homeless desperately need in order to function, and succeed in the civilized world!:
    I’ve yet to hear a better solution from our so called leaders of society!: It’s time to take my solution to end chronic homelessness to the #FederalLevel because my extremely practical solution will never be brought before the Los Angeles City Council, Mayor Eric Garcetti, or the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors. They are “Unapproachable”!: I seriously think it’s time to take Los Angeles Mission to the next level!: Something more like {LOS ANGELES MISSION’S MASSIVELY DYNAMIC HOSPITAL & SHELTER FOR THE HOMELESS}*
    I firmly believe this system will work! We just need Mayor Eric Garcetti, the Los Angeles City Council, & the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors on board with this plan!:
    Not having homeless people rotting to death on our city streets! PRICELESS!!!
    It’s time for Los Angeles to stop using bandaids for the immense homeless situation in our city, and hit one out of the park!:
    {City of Angels}!: Love, Compassion, & Dignity!
    A non-profit magnificently spectacular luxury hotel, resort, and casino!: Would be exempt from capital gains taxes, allowing it to offer better gaming odds, and lower luxury hotel rates! Many jobs will be created, and gamblers won’t have to drive, or fly to Las Vegas for world class gaming & entertainment!:
    The main obstacle to this solution is the loss of profit the multi-billion dollar gaming industry would suffer if this plan succeeds!: CITY OF ANGELS*LUXURY HOTEL RESORT & CASINO An Establishment of this Magnitude Would be Appropriate for a World Class City the Size of Los Angeles! And Should be More than Able to Generate Enough Profit to Fund & Support a Massively Dynamic Hospital & Shelter for the Homeless! Ultimately Cleaning Up this One Horse Town to the Delight of Humanitarians Everywhere! You may say I’m a dreamer! And you would be absolutely right! I actually don’t expect everyone to embrace my grand illusion. So I’m not kidding myself by believing that my dream will come to fruition in my lifetime. The hope is that in the future humanitarianism will conquer parasitical domination! And love, compassion, and fairness will overcome greed, manipulation, and lust for power. It’s no secret how city, state, and federal government operate. Money talks, and until we stop putting democracy up for sale, my dream will die!: {This model will work for every major city in the United States, including the World}!:

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