VENICE ( — A well-known Beverly Hills physician who once appeared on “The Doctors” was almost beaten to death in an attack in Venice.

Dr. Bruce Lee dedicated his life to helping others, and has pioneered medical treatments that have changed women’s lives.

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“The guy just went ballistic and started brutally … sorry … started brutally beating him,” said Kimberley, his fiancé, who was still shaken.

“And then I realized that I could very easily die,” said Lee via phone.

He says he was heading to his car a week and a half ago on Windward Avenue in Venice when two men and a woman started yelling at him.

Next thing he knew, they were in his car with a gun.

He says he was pistol-whipped and beaten.

“He tried blocking himself and everything and he couldn’t get out of the car. The car was reversing and he had blood everywhere. It all happened so fast,” she said.

Police say security cameras may have captured the attack, but are still working to gain the cooperation of the businesses that own the cameras.

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They also need help from witnesses but none have come forward.

“There were witnesses, but they said, ‘Police are coming, let’s get out of here,’ ” she said.

The witnesses who initially helped Lee get out of the car, then took off.

The Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors has now approved a $10,000 reward for information leading to an arrest.

“I am disturbed people would not step forward to do what’s right,” said Lee.

Especially, Kimberley says, when Lee is a man who has committed 20 years to helping others.

He founded a new, FDA-approved surgical procedure for uterine fibroids that enables women to get treatment, but still have kids.

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“He’s been so helpful to so many people, and when he needs help, these people ran away,” she said. “We just want to make sure this doesn’t happen to anybody else.”