MODESTO ( — Hundreds of Pokemon Go players are showing up at a Modesto cemetery, and locals are not happy about it.

“When I came in here the other night, we had probably 60 to 70 cars in here, and probably two to three hundred people,” said Cemetery Superintendent Timothy Copenhaven.

The superintendent says players are leaving trash, walking on graves and disrupting funeral services as they walk around staring into their smartphones, chasing critters.

“We have families that come out here for the quietness, the peace, and to sit with their loved ones. And when you have something like this going on, it’s very disrespectful,” says Copenhaver.

Cemetery district officials have asked Niactic, the app’s creator, to remove the graveyard as a stop.

Pokemon Go uses mapping systems to turn real world locations, including cemeteries, into the game.


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