LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) —  Three water companies in Santa Clarita Valley have lifted some water-use restrictions after drought conservation efforts proved to be a major success.

Sprinklers running on a Friday, or any other day, are no longer a no-no after the restrictions were lifted because customers proved to the companies that they can be trusted when called upon to conserve.

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“It doesn’t mean that they can use as much as they want — still can’t have run-offs, and no hardscape watering,” said Michael Alvord.

Alvord is with the Newhall County Water District, and says their customers have exceeded conservation goals set by the state.

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Sacramento is now allowing the agencies to self-regulate, and the companies want their customers to do the same.

“If it’s going to be 100 degrees, go ahead and water on a Saturday, but then don’t water on Wednesday when it’s cloudy,” Alvord said.

Gerardo Dominguez has put in drought resistant plants at his home and worries that with the restrictions lifted, people will revert to old habits.

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The water companies say they will continue to reach out to water-wasters, but believe water conservation is now as much a source of pride as immaculate lawns once were.