LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Apple has been granted a patent for technology that would disable a device’s video and photo capturing ability.

The technology is aimed at concerts and other public events, where smartphone use can disrupt and distract.

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The venue could send out an infrared signal that would be picked up by Apple devices, signaling them to turn off video and image capturing.

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While Apple has the patent it needs, it hasn’t fully developed the technology and the company may never actually use it.

“Chances are we’re not going to see this in a shipping product,” CNET Senior Editor Dan Ackerman told CBS News. “I think it’s just something they’ve invented, but the problems behind it are so numerous — like what if you turned it on at a political rally or a speech so nobody could record what the candidate was saying? You could see people abusing this all over the place.”

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“If you’re a big technology company, you invent something, it’s in your interest to at least get it on paper to say that you own the idea,” said Ackerman.