ANAHEIM ( — The Anaheim City Council voted late Wednesday night to ban all short-term rentals, like Airbnb.

About 200 people attended the meeting. Some wore T-shirts that said “Ban STR’s,” which stood for short-term rentals. Others held signs that read “Homes not Hotels.”

Opponents said an explosion of short-term rentals in the neighborhoods surrounding Disneyland have created problems, including excessive noise and lack of parking.

About 150 people stood up one by one and voiced their concerns.

“STRs are a cancer. They need to be banned completely. Pass now. They need to be stopped. The do not add to be the benefit of living in Anaheim,” one man protested.

“The one STR behind me has 10 bedrooms. And it has totally destroyed the quality of my life,” a woman said.

But proponents said short-term rentals generate millions of dollars for the city, create jobs and give affordable alternatives to guests.

“We live close to several short-term rentals and have never had an issue with trash, parking, excessive noise or anything to complain about,” another woman countered. “My husband and I love seeing the families that walk to Disney so excited about their vacations.”

“They have replaced dilapidated homes. They’ve raised the property values significantly. They keep their properties in tip-top shape. And they’ve actually reduced the load on our parking because they are not even eligible for parking permits,” another man agreed.

The ban is expected to take effect in mid-August.

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