VICTORVILLE ( — A young woman escaped severe burns or may be death after leaving in her car a vape device that caught fire during triple-digit temperatures.

The accident happened Sunday and turned Danielle Poole’s car door into oozing melted plastic.

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She was visiting a friend in Victorville and parked her car in the shade. But temperatures were soaring above 100 degrees. Fifteen minutes later, her car alarm went off.

“I had no idea. I was like: ‘why is my car on fire.’ I saw the vape on the side of the door, and I am like: ‘Oh my!’ If I would have been in there, that would have been the whole left side of my body.”

Poole called the fire department who put out the flames quickly.

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“I was like: ‘what the heck!’ I’m glad she wasn’t in the car though,” said Poole’s mother, Carol. “At least no body was in the car. No body got hurt. This is all replaceable.”

The fire was so intense the vaping device melted into the side of the door. It was still stuck in what was the pocket.

Danielle was not alone. Other freak vape fires have been reported across the country including the one in Kentucky.

A man was inside a convenience store when his pant pocket caught fire.

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Danielle said she planned to continue to vape.