STUDIO CITY ( — Cloudy skies couldn’t spoil the fun at Stephanie’s Day, an annual resource fair to help families with children affected by autism.

“It’s been a challenge as you can tell, but it is what it is; you just have to embrace it,” said Ruth Charles, whose son Xander has autism.

Charles and other parents came to Stephanie’s Day to find resources and help their children succeed.

“You know you don’t really have a lot of friends when you are a mom with a child with autism, so that can be an emotional strain you tend to feel alone a lot,” said Charles.

55 booths full of information covered the CBS Radford lot.

Stephanie’s Day Slideshow

There were resources and information about fitness, music, and equestrian therapy.

There was also help for young adults with autism and special needs who are transitioning to a more independent lifestyle.

Enrie Merlan works with the nonprofit Exceptional Minds.

“Autism is considered a disorder,” said Merlan. “I think the truth is they are superheroes and we’re trying to figure out what their superpowers are.”


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