NEWPORT BEACH ( — A golden retriever with a 46-pound tumor abandoned at a local beach now has a chance at a better life.

Wednesday marked the fifth day since the dog named Henry had surgery to remove the mass.

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He now weighs 78 pounds, which is quite a difference from a week ago.

The tumor made walking difficult for Henry, who had been abandoned on the beach in Newport back in May.

Before and After (credit: Newport Beach Police Department | CBS)

Before and After (credit: Newport Beach Police Department | CBS)

Valerie Schomburg, an animal control officer, named Henry and says she knew he deserved better.

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“Everybody who has seen him has kind of taken up a [sigh] ‘Oh, my Lord.’ But the whole time, he’s trying to give you kisses and wagging his tail and so that kept us going for the time until we can make a decision,” she said.

Even veterinarian Karla Nichols who was taken aback by the size of Henry’s tumor. She didn’t charge for much of his care. Schomburg got Henry a $500 grant for his bills.

“It was already very difficult for him. It was very obvious that his right front leg was having a hard time supporting his weight so we knew we had to do something for him,” Nichols said. “And he was such a sweet dog. I knew we had to do something for him.”

As soon as Henry heals, which Nichols anticipates will be in a couple of weeks, he’ll need a loving home.

Animal control officers are investigating this as a case of neglect. They are reminding pet owners that it is illegal to dump your animal.

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Those who can’t afford to get care for a sick pet may receive assistance.