SAN PEDRO ( — A congressional candidate was served with legal papers Tuesday night at his own election party in San Pedro.

“Sir, I’m serving you, sir,” said a man to state Senator Isadore Hall as he tried to dodge that process server.

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The lawmaker is being subpoenaed for a deposition in a lawsuit in which the plaintiffs are trying to determine if Hall was involved with a real estate deal.

When asked if he would talk with CBS2 Reporter Jeff Nguyen, Hall said:

“We’re going to go in and talk to the community and then we’ll take reports about the election thereafter. Just give me one second,” he said.

His neighbors went to the polls Tuesday night but Hall wasn’t the name they checked off.

“Oh no! No. I overlooked his name, because when I see that name, I see the wrongness,” said Manuia Logoai, a neighbor.


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Court papers say nine families at a condominium complex that Hall helped to get developed when he was a Compton councilmember – and now lives in — are suing the landlord.

The dispute is over a rent-to-buy arrangement that’s being contested.

Last August, the landlord in court papers claimed Hall was delinquent on rent.

CBS2 obtained an eviction lawsuit against Hall that alleges he was $4,800 behind and owes $5,000 in unpaid utilities.

“He can pay his rent,” Ianna Dumas-Smith, another neighbor, said. “He probably don’t want to pay his rent, he’s probably getting passes, but it’s not fair.”

Nguyen asked Hall and his staff multiple times if he’d talk but was told his camera wasn’t allowed inside.

“He’s more than happy to speak with you but you have to give us a little bit of time. Is that OK?” said a staffer.

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Hall currently has a commanding lead in his congressional race. The case in which he is being subpoenaed is scheduled to start in late October.