GRIFFITH PARK ( — John Legend, Jamie Foxx and Christina Aguilera came out to the Greek Theatre Monday to show their support for Hillary Clinton, who’s expected to make history by becoming the first woman to top the presidential ticket of a major political party.

Clinton, according to both CBS News and the Associated Press, has become the presumptive nominee.

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That’s based on the delegates she earned in Puerto Rico over the weekend, as well as the superdelegates who have pledged to vote for her in July.

So, this begs the question: will voters still turn out Tuesday?

“Nobody is going to be giving up yet. Not here in California, that’s for sure,” said one woman.

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Supporters of Bernie Sanders, in fact, insist he still has a chance in California and beyond and aren’t ready to give up or stay home.

“I work on a lot of the different college campuses out here and there are a lot of people who are going to be voting for the first time because they believe in the like political revolution that Bernie has been talking about,” she added.

As for Clinton supporters, they too plan on going to the polls.

“The reason I’m going to vote tomorrow is because I think it’s a civic duty rather than me thinking there’s really a difference in my vote,” said Sean Gordon, another Clinton supporter.

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Meanwhile, both Clinton and Sanders were asking supporters to make sure they get out and vote Tuesday.