CORONA ( — A young woman given weeks to live as a baby graduated from Corona High School on Wednesday.

Tori Moreno at just 7 weeks old was diagnosed with a brain-stem tumor – stage 4 cancer – and was given weeks to live.

“Her doctors gave her chances in the millions to be alive,” said Roman Moreno, her father. “They literally had her death certificate ready for me to sign.”

He and his wife, Kim, found an experimental brain cancer treatment and prayed it would work.

That was 18 years ago.

And on Wednesday night, their miracle baby graduated.

Moreno plans to attend Long Beach City College after she serves a mission in Africa this summer.

“If it wasn’t for him upstairs I wouldn’t be here,” she said. “I’m so privileged to be here where I’m at right now and it’s a blessing.”

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  1. Mariya Malak says:

    wowww… Its funny how CBS news mentions nothing about Dr. Bruzynski, his hard work, or all the things that he is going through right now with the Texas Medical Board giving him a hard time for practicing his cancer treatments and saving lives. You guys didnt even mention him. Give the people that deserve some credit for the work that theyve done.

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