CAMARILLO ( — A veteran missing in action during the Korean War was honored for his service on Memorial Day in Camarillo, 63 years after he vanished.

A special memorial was held Monday to pay tribute to Airman First Class Victor Corona at American Legion Post 741.

The then 21-year-old pilot went missing in action while on a night bombing mission during the Korean War in 1952.

No wreckage was found. No one ever knew why he didn’t return. Corona was declared dead six months later.

“Somehow, his story was never told, and today it is being told,” said Bob Garcia of American Legion Post 741.

A few months ago when legion members decided to memorialize local veterans who were either killed or missing in action, they couldn’t find anyone from Camarillo when they checked the Korean War.

But after more research, Garcia found one name – Victor Corona. And it wasn’t long before Garcia found relatives nearby.

Carlos Corona was only 6 when his uncle went to Korea. He remembered one of their last conversations.

“I said: ‘When I grow up, I want to be a pilot.’ And he said: ‘I’ll be back to see you, to see all of you’,” the nephew said. “So he never returned. But in a sense, he returned here by bringing his memory back.”

When Carlos heard about what the legion wanted to do to recognize his uncle’s service, his family donated his belongings.

“They don’t have a grave site to go. They didn’t get a flag at a funeral like most veterans’ families do. But now, they have this,” Garcia added.

“We brought him home. He would be tearfully and eternally grateful,” Carlos said.

American Legion wanted to make sure Victor Corona, who gave all in the Forgotten War, was not forgotten.

If your loved one or someone you now from the Camarillo area was killed or missing in action, you can contact American Legion Post 741.


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