ANAHEIM ( —   Bruno, the K-9 officer who was shot in the line of duty nearly two years ago and who finally succumbed to his wounds on Wednesday, was recalled today as a vital part of his handler’s like at work and at home.

KCAL9’s Amy Johnson spoke to R.J. Young about the loss of his partner of six years.

Young was with Bruno until his final days, Johnson reported.

“It’s just hard to believe he’s gone,” Young said Friday. “I can’t really wrap my head around it either.”

Bruno was his partner for six years but a family member for eight.

“Losing him, I can only equate with losing one of my children,” Young said tearing up. “It was probabyl  one of the worst days of my life.”

Bruno was shot in the jaw, the bullet went through his chest and then pierced his lung. After several surgeries, he spent six weeks in the animal hospital.

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He seemed to be making a full recovery. His love and support for his fellow officers earned him almost instant hero status with the community.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Bruno was at the hospital on Saturday have a procedure done when he developed complications.

“His body just didn’t recover well from the anesthesia,” Young said.”Things just started to fall apart from there.”

After er his organs started shutting down, Bruno was put to sleep —  in his favorite spot to be, ilying n the backseat of Officer Young’s patrol car.

“For Bruno,that is where he was his happiest,” Young said.”He had a lot of good times there. Most of my fondest memories — other than him and my daughter.”

Young was recently teamed with another K-9 named Halo.

“Obviously there is a hole in my heart that will never be filled,” Young said, “But I’m also very lucky that I  have Halo there to fill a portion of that hole”





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