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LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — Vin Scully during Tuesday’s Dodgers broadcast took a moment to “remind us of the importance of dirt.”

The Hall of Fame broadcaster’s latest random story came in the top half of the fourth inning as he noticed dirt stains on Clayton Kershaw’s jersey due to a poor slide earlier in the game.

Everyone always loves hearing Scully’s stories and tangents, but his latest one about dirt might take the cake.

“Back in 1916, the Yankees were playing in the Polo Grounds,” Scully began. “And whenever the Washington Senators came to New York to play the Yankees, would you believe, they brought their own dirt.”

He than further extended the story, talking about how the Senators would bring their own dirt due to thinking the soil around home plate at the Polo Grounds was “trick dirt.”

According to Scully, the dirt brought in was used to help dry the players’ hands to make holding baseballs and bats less slippery.

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