MURRIETA ( — A plastic surgeon’s billboard is stirring up controversy in Riverside County as a local high school student has launched a petition to have the sign taken down.

The sign, near the 15-215 Freeway interchange in the Murrieta area, features two coffee cups — a smaller one, labeled “B,” and a larger one, labeled “D.” Above the cups are two words: “Size Matters.”

It didn’t sit well with high school student Anna Gorski of Murrieta, who launched a petition to have the billboard taken down that has gained hundreds of signatures.

“I don’t think size matters,” Gorski said. “I don’t think a billbaord should be telling me that size matters.”

She expounded on the subject further in her petition.

“This billboard is demeaning, objectifying, and inappropriate as it attacks women’s bodies and promotes low self-esteem,” the petition said.

The doctor behind the billboard, Dr. Brian Eichenberg of Renuance Cosmetic Surgery Center, said he certainly did not intend to offend passersby.

“It’s meant to be a joke or satire,” he said. “It’s meant to promote discussion … We don’t want women to honestly think that ‘size matters.'”

He said he reconstructive surgery in addition to cosmetic surgery and is focused on helping women improve their confidence and self-image.

He added that he plans to change the billboard soon — not due to the controversy, he said, but simply because it’s been up for a few months and it’s time to try something new.

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