WEST HOLLYWOOD (CBSLA.com) — There’s a 3,800-square-foot home on North Crescent Heights near West Hollywood that could be someone’s dream home: beautiful kitchen, spacious back yard and an incredible master bedroom.

But what if, before buying, you could live there for a couple of days? Enter Realstir.

“It gives potential home buyers the chance to try the home out before they buy it, which is fantastic,” says real-estate agent Roger Perry. “We should all have that chance to take the car home for a day.”

Perry, who is handling the listing for the property, says Realstir offers serious homebuyers a closer look when it comes to the biggest purchase they may ever make.

“I think any homebuyer serious about pulling the trigger will find that very beneficial,” he said. “The hurdle … would be to have the seller allow it.”

Realstir matches up those sellers and buyers willing to try this unusual partnership. Once the seller vets a serious potential buyer, they can pay a fee similar to any travel site to stay in the home one night or more while the homeowner checks out.

“We think it’s a key thing as far as the future of buying and selling homes,” says Walid Romaya, founder and CEO of Realstir.

He says the “try before you buy” program gives buyers a good feel for the neighborhood and the neighbors.

“You want to see how the sunlight shines in through the window. You may want to see if the neighbor that has a Harley revs up at four in the morning,” said Romaya.

As for potential buyers on North Crescent, they just might be able to try out the pool, spa, outdoor kitchen and spacious floor plan.

“What’s not to love about this house?” Perry asked.

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