DOWNTOWN LOS ANGELES ( — A new style of apartments has become a popular real estate option to manage living in booming downtown Los Angeles.

These popular apartments are being called micro-units, which give a fresh take on the concept of living in studio apartments.

Actress Dawn Davis recently transitioned from living in her three-bedroom house to a 380-square-foot micro-unit, which only costs her $909 per month to rent.

While her bed is just a step away from her fold-up dinner table, she enjoys the comfort of her downsized home.

“You know, you just really get down to ‘What do I really need to survive?’,'” Davis told CBS2’s Jennifer Kastner. “And you realize, ‘Wow, I have a lot of stuff I really don’t need’.”

According to the U.S. Census Bureau, Los Angeles County is the least affordable place in the country to buy a home.

In fact, only 46 percent of residents own their own house in Southern California, while 65 percent own property nationwide.

Renters in Los Angeles County tend to spend 47 percent of their income on housing, yet 30 percent is what’s currently being considered as “affordable.”

Micro-units are currently being offered in parts of downtown Los Angeles, Glendale and Santa Monica. Officials in West Hollywood and Los Angeles County are also studying plans to allow for micro-units to be available citywide.

Critics, however, argue the high-density housing creates problems such as more traffic, less parking and increased pressure on local services.

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