VALENCIA (   —  Watching people enjoy themselves on the rides at Six Flags is only making one 14-year-old more determined to join in on the fun.

For now, CBS2’s Randy Paige reports that the thrill of riding is something Cameron Lutges can only dream about.

“Kids like me and adults and everything, they all want to enjoy it just like everyone else,” Lutges said.

The teen lost both his legs from the knees down soon after birth due to a medical condition.

The 14-year-old gets around fine with prosthetic legs, and he is determined to not let his mobility issues slow him down.

“And we always try even if we don’t think we can do it, but this Six Flags just kinds of just shuts us down,” Lutges said.

“It’s just a matter of getting a harness to accommodate all the folks,” said his dad Alex.

Cameron’s dad says the administration at Six Flags told him four years ago that it was in the process of modifying some rides for people with disabilities.

Now, with a trip to the location by Cameron’s eighth=grade class scheduled for June, they find the accommodations have yet to be made.

“If there’s just one car in the back that can accommodate them so they can feel the thrill of the rides and the togetherness of their friends,” said Cameron’s father.

Representatives from Magic Mountain declined to speak on camera, and instead offered a written statement that says in part: “The safety of our guests and employees is our highest priority and guests with certain disabilities are prohibited from riding certain rides and attractions. Our accessibility policy includes ride manufacturers’ guidelines and the requirements of the federal American Disabilities Act.”

“Safety first. I wouldn’t want to put my son on a ride that isn’t safe, but I feel there is something they can do to make it safe,” said Cameron’s mom, Kristin Gumm.

The family showed Paige pictures of Cameron — grinning from ear-to-ear — as he rides a roller coaster at Knott’s Berry Farm.

“The face he has on there, yeah, it’s priceless,” said Cameron’s dad.


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