NORCO ( — A woman walking her dog in Norco on Monday made a heartbreaking discovery.

Nine newborn puppies — some of them with umbilical cords still attached — had been abandoned in a dirty dishpan in a park.

“I had a hard time counting them because they were all trying to pile on top of one another to keep warm,” the woman, Tanner Celestine, said. “It was really sad.”

The puppies were so newly born they couldn’t see, hear or feed themselves.

Celestine quickly got in touch with Jennifer Williams, founder of 2nd Chances Rescue in Norco.

Williams rushed to the scene to pick up the puppies and has been working nearly around the clock since then to nurse the newborns back to health.

“I was very angry and I was very sad, and then I went into ‘Ok,’ I have got to find someone, I have to find food, I have to feed these puppies,” Williams said.

One puppy died Monday, but Williams said she’s doing whatever it takes to nurse the rest of the litter to health.

Whoever dumped the puppies could face charges including animal cruelty and neglect. No suspects have been identified.

In just eight weeks, the puppies will be ready for adoption. Williams said she already has received offers from eager dog-lovers willing to open their homes.

For more information on how to adopt, go here.