REDLANDS (  —   Redlands Police confirmed at a Friday news conference that it was their bullet that struck a woman who was being held hostage outside an Office Depot last week.

The violent standoff left 29-year-old old Andrew Mike dead and his hostage/ex-girlfriend, 28-year-old Kristin Bauer badly injured.

“For more than two hours officers tried negotiating a peaceful resolution with the suspect. At the point the officers fired they were acting on the belief that Kristin was going to be killed,” said Redlands Police Chief Mark Garcia.

Other details are emerging about the terrifying hours leading up to the standoff, reports KCAL9’s Adrianna Weingold.

(credit: CBS)

(credit: CBS)

Redlands police say Mike forced Bauer into his car and tried to inject her with an unknown substance several times before pointing a gun at her saying he was ready to die. He then turned the gun on himself and pulled the trigger but the gun didn’t fire. They returned to the Office Depot where Mike shot a man who was trying to help Bauer before holding her at gunpoint once again.

“During this incident police officers did everything they could to save Kristen’s life. The suspect behaved violently firing his weapon twice and had wounded one person already while making multiple threats to Kristin,” said Garcia.

The standoff ended hours later when 11 officers fired 25 rounds at Mike as he held Bauer against her will.

Garcia says investigators found a bullet jammed in Mike’s gun. They say he also used Bauer as a shield and pressed his gun into her back . That’s when officers opened fire.

Bauer is still in the hospital recovering from her injuries, but Weingold was told she is improving — she’s now sitting up and talking,