VAN NUYS (  —   The testimony of a mother in a shaken baby case was so emotional Friday that the defendant’s own lawyer was moved to tears.

CBS2’s Cristy Fajardo was in the Van Nuys courtroom when the mother, Loretta Reed, testified on behalf of her son.

The prosecution alleges her son was so violently shaken by babysitter Monica Rezonable that Calin Samora suffers permanent and irreversible brain damage.

“His future was murdered, needlessly,”Reed said, “He’s 2-and-a-half and can’t walk or talk.”

Samora can’t speak a single word. So, on Friday, his mother spoke for him.

“And his prognosis for the future is not hopeful. And all this because she decided to take out her frustration on the most innocent victim,” Reed said.

Her son was just 3 months old in October 2013 when, prosecutors say, Rezonable abused him so severely he suffered the life-altering injury. The prosecutor said she gave varying statements about what happened.

Her defense attorney said her client is not a criminal.

“The incident that happened was an accident. My client was wearing socks, she slipped on a wood floor and went down to her knees and the child fell,” said Sharon Beth Marshall.

Reed testified she was in the next room and the babysitter never cried out and she didn’t call 911 until it was too late.

The defense thought the case warranted probation, but the judge disagreed.

The case is set to go to trial next month.

Although Calin can’t take the stand, his parents believe he won’t have to for a jury to grasp his anguish.

Most parents look upon a toddler and see hope and promise and think of the future.

Calin’s parents say they now see a beautiful child with a lifetime of struggles and seizures ahead.

“And each time I look at my beautiful baby, it breaks my heart over again to see him struggle,” Reed told the court.