NASHVILLE ( — Sportscaster Erin Andrews took to the stand Monday to testify in her $75 million lawsuit against Marriott hotels.

In a live stream by celebrity site TMZ, an emotional Andrews had a tough time describing the emotional trauma that nude video released of her had done to her well-being.

Andrews was famously recorded through a peephole in her Nashville hotel room in 2008 by Michael David Barrett.

Barrett was sentenced to two years in prison after admitting to stalking Andrews in three cities, altering peepholes in hotel rooms and secretly recording videos.

According to Andrews’ attorney Randall Kinnard, employees of the Nashville hotel were negligent when Barrett called in 2008 and asked what room she was staying in.

While Andrews was on the stand, she described the process to narrow the location of where the incident had occurred. Andrews said that her wardrobe assistant recognized the pair of pants she was wearing, allowing for the FBI and Andrews to pinpoint the location of the city in which this took place.

When Andrews was asked about the first time she witnessed the nude video of herself, she informed the court that her friend made her aware of the online video and, “I saw it for two seconds and was like ‘Oh, my God.’ I had to shut it down.”

“I felt like I could stop it; I felt like I could control it,” Andrews stressed in her testimony.

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