CHINO ( — A loaded gun found in a student’s backpack at a school in Chino has some parents and  families worried.

Emily Chamoun, whose teenage sisters go to the Cal Aero Preserve School, says she’s furious the district didn’t notify all families about the gun right away on Thursday, and instead waited hours.

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“I feel like the proper procedures weren’t in place,” said Chamoun. “Everything should’ve been in a quicker action.”

CBS2’s Crystal Cruz spoke to the concerned parents, families and law enforcement.

She asked Chamoun if she would have liked to have been alerted to the gun sooner.

“Yes,” she said, “I would have.”

School officials say they waited because it was important to have all information confirmed first by Chino police, and that took time.

Officers arrested the student who said he was bullied, brought the gun to school and showed the .22 caliber pistol to another student, who then sounded the alarm.

Chino Police Lt. Kevin Mensen says the magazine was loaded, but there were no bullets in the chamber.

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“We believe he brought it to use as a threat and had no intent to use it there,” Mensen said.

Other parents were more upset with the student’s mother and father than the school.

“I’m really more concerned about the parents and their responsibilities for that to even happen,” said one dad who asked not to be identified. “I think that’s pure negligence and needs to be looked into.”

Cruz reports the father of the student who had the gun in his possession  was cited by police for not keeping the gun in a safe spot away from children. The student was suspended and could face expulsion.

Julie Gobin, communications director of the Chino Valley Unified School District, issued the following statement on Thursday with a request to parents.  It read in part:

“This is to inform you of an incident that occurred on our campus today. I want to make sure you have accurate information and dispel any rumors you may have heard about the incident. A student reported seeing a handgun in another student’s backpack and reported that to an adult (11:58 am). Security and school staff conducted an investigation of the student’s backpack and found a handgun (approximately 12:04 pm, give or take a minute).  Security took control of the gun without incident. ”

She added, “Chino Police Department is handling the investigation (called at 12:17 pm).  We take this incident seriously, and I ask your help in addressing the important issue of student safety. Please check your child’s backpack each day and make sure that they are bringing to school only those items that belong here. In order for Cal Aero Preserve Academy to remain a safe haven for children, we must all work together — parents, staff, and community members — to provide the quality environment that our children deserve.  If you have any further questions, please feel free to call my office. Thank you for your support and assistance in keeping our campus safe for children.”


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