VICTORVILLE ( — Hundreds of trains glide through the station here every day, some freight, others passenger, all piloted by professionals.

Well, almost all.

JoeAnn Ashley works security next door at the Greyhound bus station. She was on duty Sunday night when, authorities said, Shawna Marone, 45, tried to take an engine for a joy ride.

“Having the horn honking very loud, and it was annoying to me, and it was the short one, the orange short one, going back and forth like every five minutes,” Ashley said.

Officials say the engine was unlocked and is always idling. It pulls the other, bigger trains back and forth in the yard. The untrained guest spent quite some time driving up and down the tracks, honking the horn before sheriff’s deputies took her away.

Ashley says the Greyhound station has 24-hour guards and 14 security cameras. She says it’s time for the train station to beef up security, and fortunately no one was hurt. Despite the midnight train antics, everything is running on schedule.

“The trains come through here every two minutes, and if someone was able to get on the train, they need to get security guard or someone to really watch what’s going on,” Ashley said.

Marone now faces felony charges of trespassing and trying to move the train.


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