CORONA ( —  Corona Carmageddon is coming.

But residents of the Inland Empire have options.

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KCAL9’s Jennifer Kastner says with the so-called Corona Carmageddon looming, anxiety is rising.

A six-mile stretch of the 91 Freeway — from the 15 to the 71 —  will be closed for about 55 hours.

“I don’t want to be dealing with the traffic,” said one man.

“It’s going to be madness and craziness,” said another.

There could be a small possibility that officials will have to put the brakes on the shutdown plans — there’s a slight chance of showers Thursday into Friday.

The road is scheduled to close next Friday into Monday.

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If the closure goes ahead as schedule, the city of Corona has come up with a list of 55 things drivers can do to preoccupy their time.

“I think I’m gonna stick with not doing anything…just to be on the safe side,” said one resident.

Kastner reports some of the ideas are so obvious, they were clearly evoked to bring a smile. Like strike a pose at a local yoga studio. Or grab some fr0-yo with as many crazy toppings as possible. Or watch a good movie.

Kastner’s personal fave: Go walk your dog.

“That’s something you do every day [anyway], right?,” said one man.

Whatever the case, she was the told the shutdown was likely — so be prepared.

If any changes are made, they’ll happen by next Wednesday.

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