CAMARILLO ( — Authorities are looking for thieves who stole military uniforms and gear in Ventura County in the last two weeks.

Fatigues and gear including helmets, masks, goggles and gloves were stolen from three separate locations in Camarillo in the early morning hours.

The uniforms were taken from a garage in a complex off Spring Oak Road and from another complex nearby. Other gear was snatched from a car parked in the same complex.

Investigators said all three may have been left open or unlocked and are concerned the stolen items could end up in the wrong hands.  “We do have to consider how these uniforms could be used. A person could put these uniforms on and try to gain some access to one of our military bases that we do have here in Ventura county,” said Sgt. Denise Silva of the Ventura County Sheriff’s Department.

But military officials said it doesn’t matter if you are wearing a military uniform, the person still must show his or her identification before entering a military base.

“To me, that’s really scary. We’re a military family. And some body impersonating, and they can get on the base. They can get our secrets. They can find out what we are doing. That’s scary. They can get their hands on on stuff that doesn’t need to be in the hands of the public,” said Camarillo resident Kelee Larsen.

Investigators called these “crimes of opportunity” and said the items may be sold or traded. They said there were several other victims who were not in the military and don’t believe the thieves specifically targeted military personnel.

Fortunately, no weapons or ammo were taken. Investigators said the crimes should be a reminder to everyone to always lock their cars and garages.


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