SIMI VALLEY ( — An Uber driver was arrested in Simi Valley, accused of drunken driving.

A Simi Valley police officer was on patrol Sunday evening when he spotted a car slowing down as it approached a green light, according to Cmdr. Robert Arabian of the Simi Valley Police Department’s traffic unit.

After noticing the vehicle had no front license plate, the officer pulled the car over. The driver, Robert Wing, 46, of Simi Valley said he was working for Uber and was on his way to pick up passengers.

“He also stated that he had already driven two to three other fares in the city, and was trying to make some extra cash after watching the Super Bowl at a local bar,” the commander said.

According to police, the officer later discovered that the former assistant principal at an elementary school in the Conejo Valley Unified School District was impaired and was “unaware of his physical location due to his impairment and was relying on his GPS to direct him where to go.”

“He was impaired to the point when the officer asked him where he was, like physically on the planet, he wasn’t really sure,” Arabian said.

(Photo courtesy Simi Valley PD)

Police say these empty beer cans were found in the suspect’s vehicle. (Photo courtesy Simi Valley PD)

Empty beer cans were also found under the driver’s seat, according to police.

A DUI test showed Wing’s blood-alcohol level was at .25% — more than three times the legal limit, according to Arabian.

Dana Myers is also an Uber driver. “I will never be driving drunk and taking your kids home, absolutely not. I don’t drink anyway,” she said.

“I personally think most of them are OK. But there’s always an exception to the rule. There’s always the guy that breaks the law, and this guy got caught,” said Greg Bebejian, who is an Uber customer.

Uber released a statement: “We have a zero-tolerance policy for alcohol or drug use for anyone driving on the Uber platform. We are clearly disappointed to hear that something like this could have occurred and have permanently removed this driver-partner’s access to Uber.”

If you find yourself inside a car with a ride-share driver who appears to be under the influence of drugs or alcohol, police have this advice.

“Tell that driver to pull over immediately, whatever excuse you need to make. I’m going to probably tell you if you tell him you’re going to throw up, he’ll pull over immediately and get out of that car,” and call 911, Arabian said

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