PASADENA ( — Black Americans are not the only ones calling for more diversity in movies. A coalition of other minorities are also taking aim at the major studios.

Sonny Skyhawk is the founder of American Indians in Film and Television. He said there should be more movies like “Dances with Wolves” from Hollywood.

The film was released in 1990. Now 26 years later, Skyhawk asked where are all of the other movies that celebrate the culture of the original Americans?

“I’m appalled that we have never received an Academy Award. And we’ve had countless performances over the years with “Dances with Wolves,” with other films that hit the mainstream.” Skyhawk said.

He joined a multi-ethnic media coalition Thursday to announce a new initiative to improve diversity at the heart of the industry — the movie studios.

President of the National Hispanic Media Coalition Alex Nogales said the television networks have embraced the call for diversity. Now, it’s time for the studios to get on board.

“We’re going to be measuring, letter grades on their actors, their directors, their writers, their producers, everything. And they’re going to have to tell us and also their commitment to diversity,” Nogales said.

“It isn’t about just another actor getting another role or a director getting another role. It is about putting out images and being inclusive to where people have a better perception of who we are,” he added.

“Images speak. And if your image is not there, you don’t have a voice,” Skyhawk said.

And the voice of the industry, they said, must include many languages.

  1. Natalie Bolt says:

    I remember that movie! Diversity is so important, we should celebrate our differences and cherish our unique identities. I don’t understand why people are so afraid of difference in terms of ideas and cultures.

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