ROSEMEAD ( — Some of the tenants at a Rosemead motel said they were shocked to learn that the three dangerous inmates, who escaped from Orange County’s Central Men’s Jail, stayed in the same motel the same time they did.

The trio stayed in Room 116 for three nights at Flamingo Inn at 8621 Garvey Avenue, according to manger Surj Desai. “Of all the places from Santa Ana all the way to Rosemead?” he said. “I was shocked, I was completely shocked.”

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The people who lived right next door said they never caught a glimpse of them. In fact, they didn’t even hear a single sound coming out of Room 116.

“Not one noise,” said one guest. “I even second-guessed if we even had neighbors. It was pretty shocking.”

One resident staying a few doors down said he was outside smoking a cigarette a week ago Friday night when he noticed two younger men helping an older man walk across the parking lot to Room 116.

The guest, who did not want to reveal his identity, said the three were riding in a white van. But at the time, he didn’t think too much about it.

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“I’m not sure if he was just limping or just older,” said the motel guest. “They just walked him to the room. They were talking to him saying: ‘Oh, you’re going to be fine in here. You don’t need nothing else’.”

The guest said he saw the two younger men go back to their van and bring bags of groceries into the room, and he never saw them again.

Another motel resident, a father with young children, said learning the men were staying there was a bit unnerving.

“It’s scary because I have kids,” he said. “To know these guys were right next to us. They were desperate so they can do anything.”

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Bac Duong surrendered to authorities in Santa Ana last Friday. Hossein Nayeri and Jonathan Tieu were arrested less than a day later in San Francisco.