LOS ANGELES (CBSLA.com) — California’s largest organization of physicians is officially supporting the legalization of pot and not just medical marijuana.

That is, the California Medical Association is endorsing the latest initiative to legalize recreational marijuana in the state, saying:

“The impacts of marijuana can then be monitored, researched and tightly regulated.”

In addition, the group says, “it will reduce the improper use of medical marijuana.”

“Just saying California should legalize marijuana use for recreational use because doctors don’t want to be the gatekeepers, that’s irresponsible,” said Damon Raskin, an addiction specialist and the medical director of Cliffside Malibu.

Raskin says he’s disappointed in the association’s stance.

“I think making it legal for recreational use condones that ‘this is OK for our youth,’ ” Raskin said.

California was the first state to legalize medical marijuana, which requires a doctor’s prescription.

Now, the group behind legalizing recreational marijuana, which makes it more accessible, says it has $1 million dollars in funding as of last month.

That group is working to collect enough signatures to get the measure on the November ballot and welcomes this latest endorsement from a large part of the medical industry.

Long-time medical marijuana dispensary owner Calvin Frye also welcomes the doctors’ support.

“This is just going to make it happen that much quicker,” he said.

  1. KaLaSta says:

    What?-! Why is it always this argument of usage amongst the youth as a way of trying to control recreational use? SMH something ain’t adding up. “IF I smoked”–coughing (from this sinus drainage), common sense would figure in that you (I) don’t (won’t/will not) smoke with teens!–Duh! #respect #the #youth #support #the #smoke #medicinal #herbs

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