SAN BERNARDINO ( — Dodgers alumni squeezed together for a photo op with Arlen Betbadal and his three children, whose mother was killed in the San Bernardino shooting.

“Every day is a hard day. But the love and companionship of friends and family and support from the whole country has been amazing and  give us the strength to move on,” said Betbadal.

The Dodgers hosted a luncheon at the Orange Show events center for the shooting victims families to meet past and present players like players right-fielder Andre Ethier, who spoke with the Betbadal children.

“They’re having smiles on their faces and still strong as ever showing up here. It’s nice to see you can put a smile on their face for part of the day,” Ethier said.

All the attendees were given Dodger caps to have the players sign. And there was a long line to have Hall of Famer Tommy Lasorda sign it.

“I want to say to all of the ones who lost their loved ones, we feel bad about it. We don’t know why it happened, and we hope and pray that things like that never happen again,” Lasorda said.

Dodgers alum Dennis Powell signed a shirt for the daughter of Summer Adams, whose husband was killed in the Dec. 2 terror attack.

Dodger great Steve Garvey was a big draw.

Deputy Robbie Moore, who took batting lessons as a teen from former Dodger Tommy Davis, was pleasantly surprised by the all-star turnout.

It was a day filled with Dodger Blue for a region that has seen some dark days.


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