COSTA MESA (  —   A gun show in Costa Mesa Saturday illustrated America’s increase in weapons and firearms.

Gun shows in California were already showing an increase in attendance. The FBI said they had a record number of background check requests last month.

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CBS2’s Jeff Nguyen spoke to gun enthusiasts at the show who point to the massacre in San Bernardino and President Obama’s recent executive actions for the reason for the spike in sales.

Joshua Angiano, of Chino, says he went to the Crossroads of the West Gun Show to buy specialty fist aid supplies that he couldn’t find at a drug store.

The Marine Reservist says the last month’s mass shooting in San Bernardino was a reminder to prepare for a catastrophe.

“Just in case I find myself in a situation where I have to apply medical aid for myself or someone around me for trauma for a gunshot wound or a stab wound or a stab wound or anything like that,” Angiano said.

Jennifer Trujillo and her husband came to the Orange County Fairgrounds from Riverside.

“With all the terrorist attacks that are going on, you want have your own weapons. You want to feel safe,” said Trujillo.

Earlier this month, President Obama wiped away tears as he announced plans to tighten background checks at the federal level – especially at gun shows and the internet.

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Specifically, the president said he wanted to add 400 agents to the ATF and FBI to beef up their ability to do background checks.

And he wants to scrutinize people who sell guns without a federal license – the so-called gun show loophole.

The basic reform that President Obama is asking for with respect to commercial transactions of firearms is exactly the law that we have here in California,” says Brian Levin, a professor at CSU Bernardino.

“The president is not trying to take away anyone’s guns,” says Levin.

Many of the people attending today’s gun show felt differently. They said the president’s actions were exactly why they wanted to be here.

The owner of the gun show said the president has fueled a spike in attendance.

“Aa regular dedicated base of 10,000. This time I suspect we’re going to see 17 or 18,000,” said Bob Templeton of the Crossroads of the West.

But Mmarine Reservist Joshua Angiano says the president’s effort is aimed at the wrong people.

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“Taking away firearms is really just going to take them away from the people who do obey the law,” said Angiano.