VERNON ( — An investigator is expected to search for signs of “rotation” to determine whether a tornado hit a storm-damaged area near downtown Los Angeles.

Some of the most damage from the storm happened in the city of Vernon where fierce wind whipped through the area.

The wind tore apart roofs and sent debris crashing to the ground. Several cars were also damaged, Arcelio Mengeval, a witness, said.

“Everybody said, ‘Hey, what’s wrong over here? Something is shaking over here. Everybody started looking to the windows,’ ” he said.

Mengeval took photographs of the debris cluttering Loma Vista Avenue near 50th Street

“Everybody starts seeing pieces from the roofs coming down and everything,” Mengeval said.

The owner of Commerce Logistics Center, a garment factory, says the electric transformer on their roof exploded, sending it and live wires across the street.

Black marks and shattered windows were left behind from the downed power lines.

“Blow out to the other building right there. If you can see, I think it is inside the building,” Mengeval said.

Employees from the factory, 70 in total, were sent home. No one was hurt.

Late into the evening, roofers were working on repairs. Power outages were reported at 30 businesses in the area.

In El Monte, there was a close call. A resident there posted video to Facebook that shows a giant tree that fell onto her garage narrowly missing the home.

Several trees were damaged near Fieldcrest and Bonita streets in Spring Valley when strong winds blew through.


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