FULLERTON (CBSLA.com) — A penny saved is a penny earned. But to the owner of two Orange County convenience stores, the penny is not even worth saving.

Roland Foss will ban the copper coins at his Mission Market in Fullerton and the second store in Anaheim starting in the new year.

When customers get to the register, they will see a sign that reads: “WE NO LONGER USE PENNIES. All cash transactions rounded to the nearest nickel.”

“For example, our coffee right now is $1.39. And you will now pay $1.40,” Foss said.

He said he got the idea when he was in the Army and stationed in Germany, where pennies were not used on base.

Foss said everyone wins. “We’re all consumers. We know how annoying pennies are. They waste time. They accumulate. We throw them in the trash,” Foss said. “We put them in the piggy bank never to be seen again.”

Prices tags will not change, but the total at the register will. If it does not end in a zero or five, the charge will round up or down by a few cents.

“I think that’s cool just to round it. Make it a little easier so it’s not so difficult. Not so much change carried around,” said customer Isaac Olivarria.

“I think it’s a good idea. No one likes pennies any ways. So, why have them?” said another customer.


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