SIERRA MADRE ( – No corporate sponsors? No big money? No problem.

The small town of Sierra Madre comes through again with an impressive float for the 127th Rose Parade in Pasadena. Sierra Madre has had a float in the parade since 1917.

Kay Sappington has been volunteering for almost 20 years. “It’s a good feeling working together. You wish you could extend out further in the world,” she said.

Many of the floats in the Rose Parade cost hundreds of thousands of dollars. But Sierra Madre, a town with a population of under 12,000, is one of only two cities that pay for their floats strictly from donations only.

Volunteer Dave Copp said: “The fact that it isn’t funded by a big corporation that the volunteership comes from the community from their hearts, and that’s what I think is important.”

The float may be representing a small community. It could give other floats a run for their money. This year’s theme is Rolling on the River.

“Knowing that we can put on a good product to please the people who are sitting down there on that boulevard, a lot of them sleeping overnight and everything, just to watch a magnificent floral display and it feels really good,” Sappington said.

Volunteers have been working on the float for a year now. In the week before the parade, they have been working overtime and don’t have much time to eat. That’s why local restaurants have been donating food to help out.