SAN BERNARDINO ( — President Barack Obama will visit San Bernardino Friday to meet with family and loved ones of the 14 people killed in the San Bernardino massacre.

On the eve of his visit, some were critical of the president for not visiting sooner. Some are also asking why he doesn’t plan to meet with survivors.

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KCAL9’s Tom Wait spoke to one of the president’s strongest critics.

“It’s almost as like this is like an afterthought, that he’s flying on his way to vacation two weeks after the event,” says San Bernardino County Supervisor Curt Hagman.

He told Wait the president’s visit in his eyes is too little, too late.

Hagman is among those criticizing the president for only meeting with the family of the people who were killed.

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“I have several of my, of our, employees who got injured who expressed dissatisfaction that he didn’t come out and visit with them as well,” Hagman said.

Among those not receiving a presidential visit is Julie Swann Paez. She was shot twice in the pelvis and is now in rehab at Loma Linda. Her son told said Thursday that the family has not heard from White House officials.

Wait also heard from Summer Adams, the wife of Robert Adams, one of the 14 people killed. She said she was thankful the president was taking the time to meet with her.

Hagman, who served as a Republican in the state Legislature, says his call to the president about changing his schedule is not about partisan politics.

“I think you see the different reactions from when 9/11 happened when President Bush went out versus the reactions from Obama after our incident here,” Hagman said.

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Wait reached out to the White House earlier this evening and asked why the president isn’t meeting with families of survivors and did not receive a response.