FONTANA ( —  Two of the 14 victims killed during a massacre in San Bernardino last week were remembered Wednesday night in Fontana, where they lived, in a somber prayer vigil.

KCAL9’s Jennifer Kastner reported from the vigil, one of many interfaith vigils held in the past week.

Leaders of the Christian, Catholic and Muslim communities attended, along with hundreds of people.

“Let us do something in San Bernardino which is not to go back to the status quo. To not just say that this is simply a tragedy but we move forward and we have one voice that says this is no longer acceptable,” said Imam Marc Manley with the Middle Ground Muslim Center.

The vigil was held at the Water of Life Community church. Many of the people in attendance live or work minutes from where the attacks took place.

Many of the people Kastner spoke to said they were still deeply shaken by the events of Dec. 2.

The mayor of Fontana came to pay her respects to the fallen, namely 60-year-old Isaac Amanios and 27-year-old Yvette Velasco, and wounded.

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Mayor Acquanetta Warren also came to address the audience.

“This is a healing. This is a love that we must begin to give to others,” she said. “And it will happen. Trust me, it will happen.”

Fontana resident M.E. Zapata came to show her support for Muslims of the Inland Empire, caught up in the middle of a divided nation.

“I just feel for them because they are part of me. They are part of God’s creation, we’re not separate. We’re all children of God,” said Zapata.

It was a night to promote unity and strength and a chance to focus on the future.

“It makes you feel good that the community comes together and everyone comes out, all the congressmen and mayor and everyone sticks together. So, we know we can get through it,” said attendee Jerry Brichfield.

Two survivors of the massacre also attended, but they didn’t want to speak on camera. They told Kastner they came to begin their own process of healing.


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