SAN BERNARDINO (  —   Many of the most severely injured victims of a massacre in San Bernardino were taken to Loma Linda Medical Center.

Two of the patients brought there remain in critical condition, authorities said. Three are now stable.

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KCAL9’s Louisa Hodge reported from the scene Thursday and updated many of the patients’ conditions.

She also spoke to some of the victims’ families.

The victims arrived stressed, traumatized and shocked. Hodge said hospital administrators also used those words to describe conditions of many of the loved ones and hospital staff following the mass shooting that left 14 dead and 21 injured, many critically.

“Some of them have loved ones that have, as we’ve said, more manageable injuries, because of the nature of the classification, and some are dealing with loved ones who have very serious, serious injuries ,” said Loma Linda Medical Center CEO Kerry Heinrich.

Five victims in all were brought to Loma Linda.

Nick Paez posted a photo of his mom on Facebook.

The caption said, “My mom was shot multiple times today in the San Bernardino shootings. She had a four hour surgery and is finally in stable condition. ”

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Debbie Alvarado rushed to the facility only to find her daughter was taken to another hospital.

“She  texted me and she said she was cold and was shot in her side. And that they were pretending to be dead,” Alvarado said.

In the midst of all the chaos and turmoil, Hodge said there was another concern. The hospital declared a Code Yellow Alert — after receiving a credible bomb threat.

“It’s also stressful to have officers with assault rifles going unit to unit looking for devices,” Heinrich said.

The alert was lifted after an hour and the hospital was not evacuated.

Hospital officials said they set up a special room in the hospital for family of the victims to offer updates and support.



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