CORONA ( — The investigation into the backgrounds of a couple responsible for the shooting deaths of 14 people in San Bernardino led FBI agents Thursday to a home in Corona.

Agents searched a townhome believed to be owned by Syed Farook’s brother and father.

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While it appeared someone was home Thursday, no one answered the door.

Neighbor Dane Adams said authorities arrived with a warrant and used loudspeakers to encourage the residents to comply with investigators.

FBI said they were concerned there may have been explosives at the house and got an emergency warrant to search.

Agents said initially no one came to the door and repeatedly called to the family over a loudspeaker.

“We understand you have a baby. That’s all right, no one’s going to get if you come to the front door. This is the FBI,” a voice can be heard saying.

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“There was three gentlemen standing on the corner, it looked like they were in handcuffs. The FBI or whoever was in the house searching the house,” an unidentified neighbor said.

Adams said agents removed a small box from the home.

“One of them came out, he was in full gear – a helmet, camera, everything. He had just a small box in his hand. He went to the back of the truck, put it in the back of what looked like a work truck,” said Adams.

Neighbors said police had been called to the home in the past, but Adams described the family as friendly and said Syed Farook was often at the home.

“They would talk and that’s how I found out they were from the Middle East and the wife’s from Russia,” said Adams. “It really is surreal, it’s almost a movie. It really is.”

FBI agents said they rendered the home safe but declined to detail what if anything they located or removed from the home.

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No arrests were made and family members are cooperating with authorities, the FBI said.