SAN BERNARDINO ( — If Santa had a workshop in the Inland Empire, it might look like the Amazon warehouse in San Bernardino.

Amazon’s conveyor belts were moving fast on Cyber Monday. “The conveyor behind me is moving about four times as fast as it did on last Wednesday,” said General Manager Scott Anderson.

Online shoppers are swooping up new deals offered every few minutes.

“This guy is a Hasbro Toy. He’s also actually 50 percent off today,” said Phia Arthur of Amazon. “He’s adorable. Kids, they love that kind of stuff.”

Cyber Monday is Amazon’s busiest day of the year.

“Last year on Cyber Monday, we did 43 million units. Orders are coming in strong. Definitely, the feedback we’ve gotten so far from Cyber Monday; this is going to be a record-breaking year for us,” said Anderson.

If you are shopping for a job this Cyber Monday, Amazon is hiring too.

“We have hired more than 100,000 seasonal associates this year to help out during holiday season.  It’s our busiest time of year,” said Amazon spokeswoman Lori Richter.

“Last year, we converted many of those into full time regular employees, and we expect to do the same next year,” she said.

Also on Cyber Monday, Amazon unveiled its new video online about its future drone service that the giant online retailer promises to deliver your small package by drone to your home in 30 minutes. The specifics, however, are still up in the air.


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