PERRIS  ( — This time of year is always tough for Kim Quinn, whose daughter was found dead 10 years ago on Thanksgiving night.

“You know my birthday is hard, too, because she always called on my birthday. Always,” Quinn told KCAL9’s Crystal Cruz.

Kayla Tolson, who was 22 years old at the time, was found shot in the chest in Perris in the Inland Empire.

Here is a picture of Kayla about two weeks before her body was discovered.

Kayla Tolson

(Kayla Tolson)

“You go through sadness, anger… I was angry for awhile,” Quinn added.

Kayla was found in a rural part of Perris near a group home she was staying at, at the time.

According to her family, Kayla was taking the necessary steps to rid herself of her drug habits.

Kayla left behind a daughter, who is now a teenager.

“You learn to understand she’s probably in a better place, but she’s missing the time with her daughter. She’s missing all that and her daughter’s missing all that,” Kim Quinn added.

According to Kayla’s mother and her brother Kurt, the killer has not yet been caught.

The family has even hired a private investigator but got nowhere.

“You know I think the worst part is not knowing who did it,” Kayla’s brother Kurt Ritz said.

Ritz suspects someone knows more about his big sister’s death than they’ve shared with detectives, and he can only hope that the guilt gets to them.

“A lot of people were involved in her life at that time around the area, and I would just like them to come forward and help us out,” Ritz added.

Someone created this YouTube video three years ago, with details about the case, asking for the same thing as the family: a lead.

Still however, there are no answers yet for this Perris family.


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