STUDIO CITY ( — It’s one of the craziest times of the year for those in the grocery business with many rushing to pick-up last-minute items for their Thanksgiving dinner.

“There’s lots of lines,” said Elizabeth Benzinger, a shopper at a Ralphs supermarket, where last-minute shopping was sport for some, and high stress for others.

“Basically, it feels like Dodger Stadium. There is no way in, no way out, and you have to take your time,” said Jesse Martinez, another shopper.

Over at Marie Callender’s in Sherman Oaks, three pie flavors temporarily sold-out and there were long lines for baked goods and take-out turkey.

“A meal in a bag. It takes care of everything,” said Bill Lipshin, another shopper.

“I’ve got the banana creams. I’ve done my job,” said Alan Zaentz, another shopper who was helping out his wife by picking up the pies.

Most everyone CBS2 talked with agreed: they have a lot to be thankful for even if it means a couple of dreaded trips to the grocery store.

At Du-Par’s Restaurant & Bakery, pies are in such demand that bakers will work overnight to keep the case stocked.


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