SEAL BEACH ( — High tides, starting on Tuesday morning, are expected to be at least two feet higher than usual in what is being identified with the annual tidal pattern, known as the “King” tide.

Forecasters attribute the tide to a nearly-full moon and a large storm heading towards southern California from the Gulf of Alaska.

The anticipated high tides are sparked preparation from residents, many of whom have experienced rising water before, and who are lining sand bags up in front of their doors.

“(We must) make sure they’re in the right places so it keeps as much water out as possible,” resident Vicki Davio said.

Residents say a newly-constructed sand-berm is providing a degree of comfort, as they anticipate it successfully stopping any potential flooding. Residents also say they have additional confidence that a water pump will divert much of the runoff.

Regardless, as residents prepare for the potential impact of extremely high tides, they agree that such risks are worth living near to the coast.

“It’s just part of life,” resident Robert Henderson stated. “You live here, and you’re going to get a little bit went and damp.”


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